Prana (R) evolution


Happy New Year, yogis!

The wake of a new year inspires many to envision a fresh blueprint of their lives. As such, the new year is coupled with new intentions and goals. However, for many, as the glitz and glimmer of the new year begin to fade, often these intentions are replaced with old, familiar habits and patterns. Luckily, ancient yogis discovered the secret to recognizing our infinite potential and the ability to achieve any goal. This month, at Longwave Yoga, we are calling that secret Prana (R)evolution.


What separates the achievable intention from the forgotten one is the awareness and ability to redirect energy.


For instance, if one’s goal this year is to eat healthier, then his or her energy must be directed toward healthier choices. Rather than going out to eat, that energy can be rerouted toward cooking a nutritious meal at home. Though this example might seem simplistic, it underscores what yogis have practiced for thousands of years—governing prana.




Prana is our vital life force. It is the universal, endless, and constant energy that provides life to all beings. According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, “The word prana is a combination of two syllables, pra and na. Prana denotes constancy, it is a force in constant motion” (153). In other words, prana comprises infinite, universal energy. As such, the ways in which we direct our energy is tantamount to the ways we direct our prana. Ancient yogis contextualized this concept with the vayus or winds. In short, vayus are the directions in which we send our prana in the body. Similarly, in our daily lives, we can navigate our prana in various directions. We have the authority to govern our prana in any way we choose. But it takes clarity and awareness to do so.


For example, when we are stuck in cyclical habits and thoughts, our prana is also stuck. If one expends energy into doubt and fear, he or she is dumping prana into those emotions. More than just “wasting time” on these emotions, he or she is directing prana down a self-defeating path rather than a direction that serves the highest Self. Likewise, if one sets an intention for the new year, prana must be rerouted for the intention to be attainable. Rather than passively waiting for manifestation, prana reminds us that to achieve our goals takes constant, conscious control of energy toward our goals. Governing our prana makes us the active participate in the manifestation of our lives. When prana is controlled in ways that serve, it flows freely and opens the pathway toward infinite potential.


Prana (R)evolution


We’ve coined this Prana (R)evolution because, when we govern our prana, we partake in a personal evolution and a revolution. When we redirect our energy in ways that serve, we begin to evolve. Hatha Yoga Pradipika states, “Prana is the tangible manifestation of the high Self. Hatha yoga uses prana as the key to expand awareness of consciousness and realize the Self” (157). As such, the ability to consciously direct energy affords one the opportunity to evolve and grow into a higher state of consciousness. This evolution is also a revolution because it forces change in one’s life. A revolution is any act that overthrows an existing order and replaces it with a new one. When we redirect our prana, we enact a personal coup d'état that expels our old patterns and habits that stand in the way of living as our highest selves, enacting new behaviors that contribute to the betterment of our own lives and others.


This year, rather than just setting an intention, decide how you will direct your prana so that you can live as your highest self. Ask yourself if you are directing your energy in ways that allow you to live the life you want.


Get clear in how you want to direct your prana with these upcoming events at Longwave Yoga:


Gather New Years Day to learn skills for setting high-vibrational, healthy intentions for 2019 in a way that they can truly manifest in your life with Genevera Miller, January 1, 2:00pm-4:30pm.


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Learn the basics and optimal alignment of yoga postures so that your prana can flow freely with Mary in New Year FUNdamentals. This series will meet Sundays, January 6 - January 27, 11:0am-12:30pm. All levels welcome! 


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Change directions and your relationship to gravity with inversions. Logan will lead you through a fun and challenging New Year, New Inversion workshop on January 26, 2:00pm-4:00pm. 


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