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What Can You Learn This Weekend w/ Nikki Costello

It is a dream come true for us here at Longwave Yoga to finally be hosting the world-renowned yoga educator, Nikki Costello. Take it from us, and her devoted students, Nikki is one-of-a-kind:
"Asana is the easiest way into the teachings of yoga, and Nikki is able to craft a class that focuses your attention on both your body and mind while effortlessly linking teachings back to the scriptural study of this practice. Nikki is my teacher and my mentor, and her approach to the study of yoga is both universalized and unlike any other." -Peiling Junek
We want to share with you the Top Three Reasons her weekend workshop, The Practice: Threading Consciousness Through the Body, is not to be missed:

1. The Empowered Teachings of Iyengar
The great yogi and teacher, B.K.S. Iyengar says, "It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity." As a student of Iyengar and a teacher of his methods, Nikki Costello shares the insights of the incredible yogi who brought us props, yoga therapeutics, and restorative yoga. 

Nikki developed The Practice as an ever-evolving curriculum to share Iyengar's teachings with anyone who wishes to find empowerment in the body, relax into one's natural state, and develop clarity toward one's purpose. Gifted from Iyengar, the knowledge gained in this weekend will provide the tools to more skillfully navigate our own inward journey through body and mind. 
2. Accessibility to the Vastness of Yoga
Often, to realize the vastness of the whole, we need to understand how each individual part functions. In this weekend workshop, each session will focus on one of the five elements. Nikki will guide us in exploring the physical postures and breathing techniques that can awaken, stimulate, purify and harmonize each element:

  • The element of EARTH represents steadfastness, and the practice of standing poses will establish a steady foundation for all other postures. 
  • As we explore the WATER element within the physical body, this precious resource restores our natural balance, and we can flow into the quality of contentment within our hearts. 
  • The element of AIR connects us to the breath as a vital resource for relaxing the body and quieting the mind. 
  • We will practice twists, arm balances, and backward extensions to appreciate the benefits of FIRE. 
  • The weekend will culminate with the element of ETHER, revealing the vastness of our inner universe. 

3. Interwoven Philosophical Teachings
In addition to the physical practices of asana, pranayama, and meditation, Nikki's workshop will interweave ancient yogic wisdom that can be carried into our modern lives. 

Throughout the sessions, Nikki will offer teachings and contemplations about qualities such as steadfastness, compassion, and tranquility so that we can see our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies as a unified, interwoven body of consciousness. This ties the individual parts together into a state of integrity, known as Yoga. 

Check out all the sessions available October 13-15, and register soon to save your spot!

We are so grateful that you are a part of our cOMmunity, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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