Liberate your Inner Warrior! Top 3 Ways Manorama Will Teach You to Set Your Warrior FREE!

We are so excited to gather together for the upcoming Manorama workshop The Warrior Within: The Bhagavad Gita. Even if you haven't yet studied with Manorama, you've already experienced the inner warrior. During your practice, you may have noticed there is a fierce determination within you waiting to be unleashed. Our 2-day event with Manorama on July 28 & 29 will help you liberate that fierce warrior within.

Here are the top three ways Manorama will you get you in touch with your inner warrior and set it free. And if you just can't wait to learn from Manorama, be sure to click the links below for her online teachings! 

1. Vibrational Attunement - Manorama is a leading, world-renowned Sanskrit expert. Sanskrit--the ancient language of yoga--is celebrated as one of the most sacred vibrational languages. In fact, the sages and rishis that originated yogic practices believed sound vibration had great powers in unleashing our true nature.

Manorama will lead us in gaining direct access to Sanskrit verses through the Bhagavad Gita. Her expert guidance in correct pronunciation will allow us to experience the harmonious circularity of sound as well as give access to the meaning of the verses. Want to learn more? Start practicing Sanskrit pronunciation with Manorama HERE

2. Luminous Soul Meditation - Manorama formed the basis of the Luminous Soul Method by coupling her extensive experience with yogic philosophy and rishi culture with her therapeutic assessment of archetypal patterns. As such, she will guide us through the Luminous Soul Gita Meditation to carry us into a peaceful state of mind where we can harness the power of our inner warrior. Manorama explains Luminous Soul Method as a language you can get inside of, where each day you harmoniously align with soulful living. Learn more about the Luminous Soul Method HERE.

3. Transcendental Storytelling -  Manorama's playful and dynamic style of storytelling has launched her as one of the world's leading teacher's of yogic philosophy. In this weekend workshop, we will experience the power of Manorama's storytelling through the literary classic, Bhagavad Gita. Through storytelling, we can discover the macrocosmic teachings of yoga and how they are applicable to our individual, modern lives.

This unique course is designed to awaken the mind and heart and offers a new lens through which to view the vast and enlightening subject - the inner warrior through the Bhagavad Gita. All levels welcome! 

Register HERE today!

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