Yogi Super Powers

Cheers to a New Year, and a happier and healthier you! And me! And we! 2017 is sure to bring about an enormous shift because as a cOMmunity we are manifesting greatness and calling upon our inner Super Power.

The turn to a fresh New Year has the same satisfaction as a big, powerful, collective sea of AUMs. Shri Brahmananda Saraswati taught that the sound of "OM" is the "grand eraser." In December, we practiced the art of letting go in order to remove obstacles and give ourselves the freedom to move forward with clarity in 2017. When we are no longer distracted and preoccupied with being unconscious within our lives, we have the ability to envision with total clarity the life we intend to live. It is within this clarity that one is able to begin to listen to the heart's deepest desires and bring them to fruition, harnessing your inner yogic Super Power.

As we move from unconscious living to intentional practices (in Raja yoga this is the eight limbed path), we individually take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions and step into a life of intention, where we are able to cultivate consciousness. In living consciously, or with clarity, we are able to devote our whole Self to a clear connection with our truth. This ability to be clear and connected to the Self might be the most powerful gift of a yoga practice. We start to develop a conscious relationship to our creative energies, and begin to manifest the life we wish for ourselves.

OM aligns us to our inner vibrations and to the vibrations of ALL living beings and the Universe. The vibration of OM helps to fine tune the instrument of the body, mind, and life-energies. When we chant the sound of OM we awaken dormant energy and move from latent toward the divine. 

Let us collectively let go of 2016 with a giant heart-felt OM and step into the powerful energy of the New Year! In 2017 let us inspire one another to take time daily for our practices, be it on the yoga mat with our 30-Day Challenge or learning the basics of an asana practice in our Yoga FUNdamentals class series. Invite a friend or family member to join you on the journey, and spread the inspiration. Recommit with the purest and most sincere heart to your practice. And most of all, rest assured that your dedication brings with it the most unexpected and interesting gifts to you and to all beings your energy touches. Perhaps you will see your own Super Hero Power rise to the surface, and the very dream that lies dormant within your heart now will find a clear path to manifest.  

Happy New Year, Yogis! Here's to manifesting the best year yet!


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