What is Freedom?

There are many ideas, concepts, and definitions of freedom in the world today, and we witness grand dedication to expressing freedom. Expressions of freedom can feel uplifting, creative, inspiring, and mind-expanding, such as a brilliant work of art, and other times we are exposed to expressions of freedom that feel polarizing and possibly even at odds with our individual beliefs. These differences in perspective ideals can often times leave us feeling fearful, anxiety ridden, passionate, or righteous. These feelings and states of being can be described as “suffering,” because one has lost inner harmony and steadiness. 

These moments present us (be it individually and/or culturally) with the opportunity to explore the concept of freedom on a deeper level -- a level that goes beyond ideology and ego. Exploring freedom on a deeper level asks us to recognize that freedom itself is defined and limited to our individual state of consciousness, and that even by seeking freedom means we have lost our way on the spiritual path by attaching to the concept that there is an ideal freedom to achieve.

This is where our practice comes in as the safety net that ensures our ability to rise above confusion and live-out our birth right as free beings. The practices of Yoga, self-observation and cultivating mindfulness, lead to witnessing thoughts, patterns, and conditioning we have attached to. As humans, many of our patterns and habits are created for efficiency and possibly from a temporary need. But how many of our conditioned thoughts, responses and actions exist out of sheer habit or mis-knowing (unconscious action)? 

In the Asana practice (physical postures) we learn to identify our attachments, limitations, habits, and resistances, because we can feel them physically as pain or tightness, and we often work to “the edge” within the Asana practice to discover what binds us; however the mind is a much more difficult practice because the effort of observing is being done with our perception of limitation. We can however, pose the question; what limits my awareness? What limits my perception? The mind, too, finds its edge through feeling resistance and pain, which in the mind is experienced as fear. The practice of Meditation allows us to separate from the ego mind and watch the nature of its fluctuations. We can learn dedicated focus in meditation that teaches the mind stillness. By creating space in the body and mind we start to open and release strong attachments that have had us bound to limitations. 

A daily dedication to both asana and meditation practice can bring about the experience of true freedom. Upon uncovering the conditioning of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions we have attached to, we are given the gift of expanded consciousness, and with that a choice to stay bound or to dissolve the attachments?  The truest of freedom resides in the ability to release what we think we know and open to experiencing life in the present moment. 

Throughout the month of July, Longwave Yoga will offer many opportunities to practice Asana and Meditation. You can experience for yourself the exploration of freedom through dissolving attachments, opening to presence, and possibly feel freedom that is undefined by ideals, because freedom is truly that free.

Join us for Asana practice daily, and participate in the following donation-based special events to further explore meditation and even the philosophical aspects of freedom in our new Satsang offering with Eddy Nataraj.

Monday, July 11, 7:30-8:00pm 

Awaken Your Summer Bliss: cOMmunity Meditation w/ Mary Glackmeyer

Learn More and Sign Up HERE


Wednesday, July 13, 7:30-8:45pm

Satsang w/ Eddy Nataraj 

Learn More and Sign Up HERE


Friday, July 22, 12:15-12:45pm

cOMmunity Meditation w/ Brandon Hawks

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