Pose of the month - Front Plank

Sometimes even yoga poses are “Better Two Gather.” This exhilarating pose is called front plank! It’s much like it’s “grounded” counterpart, plank pose (or locust pose if you expand into "bird" variation), but with the support of a partner. Aside from building strength and increasing flexibility, this pose benefits both persons involved as it helps build connection through trust and movement. Want to learn for yourself? Join us for an AcroYoga workshop with Deven Sisler on Sunday, June 12th! 

How to get into front plank safely? 

*Revised from Deven's article in YogaJournal.com

1. Prepare for take off…

Base: Lie on your back with your heels over your hips (like legs up the wall but without the wall).

Flyer: Stand facing your base with your toes almost touching their glutes.

Base: Bring your feet to the hipbones of the flyer, bending your knees just enough to connect in a reverse hand-to-hand grip.

2. Fly

Flyer: Lean forward into your base’s feet, keeping your body in one line from shoulders to heels.

Base: With straight arms, receive the weight of your flyer in your feet, then straighten your legs and stack your heels directly over your hips, keeping your knees slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight.

Spotter: Stand next to the flyer’s hips. Make sure the base and flyer are safe, and help the base keep their heels directly over their hips for maximum balance.

Flyer: Engage your core and allow the base to lift you off the ground.

Base: Keep your arms straight, shoulder blades grounded into your mat, and your hands directly over your shoulders.

Flyer: Push into the hand connection and lift your toes like in Locust Pose. Stay here for 5–10 breath cycles.

3. Land

Base: Bend your legs to bring the flyer's feet to the floor.

Cautions and Contraindications: Please note that these instructions include the two partners who are active in the pose. However, when practicing AcroYoga, we always recommend using a third person to spot! After all, the more the merrier!


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