"Keep letting go; surrender to the mystery."

Our teachers are what keep the energy flowing in our studio (and out in the elements) and we would love for you to meet all of them! This month, we are highlighting Monica Sevigny! Learn more about her below...

Do you have a favorite playlist that you are willing to feature?

1. Goddess Invocation - Go-Ray & Duke
2. A Real Hero - College
3. Jai Radhav Madhav (Desert Dwellers Remix) - Deva Premal
4. Collective (Yogi Dub Mix) - Adham Shaikh
5. The Sign (Remastered) - Ace of Base
6. Four Walls - BROODS
7. Govinda Jaya Jaya - Wah!
8. Shivaratri - Benjy Wertheimer
9. Tabla Breath - Benjy Wertheimer

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Being myself. ;) Ok, but really, if I must choose. It would be between Upward Facing Bow and any variation of Lizard. Upward Facing Bow for the pure exhilaration of opening the heart and Lizard for the intense sensation and release through the hips.

What is yoga to you/What brought you to yoga?

I was brought to yoga on a total whim; just a random invitation to a yoga class at the local YMCA. I have very vivid memories of that first class and the “OM” invocation. I knew I was home. Yoga to me, IS SO MUCH. It is the exploration of my body, mind and spirit, under the intention of learning how to express my discoveries in the simplest, most compassionate and honest way I can. It is surrendering what I think I know to live in the here in now. It is believing and trusting in myself enough to allow another being into the space of my heart. It is being quiet enough to hear my truth and having the courage to live that “OUT LOUD.” I could go on and on.

Example of your yoga off the mat?

Yoga off of the mat is holding a space for myself and others to embrace the fullness of this human experience unapologetically. Yoga, for me, is being willing to welcome in memories, realities and possibilities; to feel and experience them to the fullest extent and allowing others to do the same.

Specific classes/style of teaching:

Specific classes that I teach are Warm Slow Flow, Yin/Yang, and Basic Yoga. My sequencing is highly inspired by the elements of nature (embodying that on your mat), mantras/affirmations, and of course sweating ;). I also am a HUGE advocate of self expression through asana and highly encourage my students to feel free to “surprise me” or “show me something I have never seen”, and take a moment to make each asana their “very own”.

Your invitation to the population:

This is my invitation to you: to take one intimate hour with me to explore the landscape of your body, mind, and/or spirit in a space of no judgement or confines.

To all of my students, prior, present and future I invite you to feel every nuance, every bump in the bed, be willing to be on board with life, even if it is just for an hour on your yoga mat. Each time we meet each other, with our breath, hearts unfurling, with as much presence as we can muster up I am deeply touched with gratitude. It would be my honor to show you just how courageous, lovable, and infinite you are.

If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

Rocky Road. Plus peanut butter everything. No explanation needed. ;)

What song best describes you?

“Young hearts, Run Free” by Candi Staton. Life Motto. LOL.

What is the best way to lift your mood?

The best way to lift my mood is to laugh. Very simple.

Scariest/Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Become a yoga teacher; Living my wildest dreams.  

Biggest life lesson so far?

Keep letting go; surrender to the mystery.


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