The Art of Play!

Does anyone remember the tradition of the May Basket?

As a child, on May 1st, my mother would help me, my brother, and sister’s create a cone basket out of paper that we would decorate and fill with fresh flowers and little candies for a special friend of our choice… this was the tradition of the May Basket. The May Basket was hung on our friend’s door and quickly we would knock, ring the doorbell, and RUN.

Although this is a lost tradition in America, I can’t help but think of the fun this was as a child. Creating something special for a loved one and the excitement of secretly surprising them! It was an innocent thrill and always left me with the hope that I made my friend’s first day of May happy and bright with a sense of magic and play!

Art of Play

This May at Longwave Yoga we want to celebrate the Art of Play. As if spring was not enough of a reason to celebrate, there is also Cinco De Mayo (an excellent excuse to try out our recipe of the month!), The return of Seaside Yoga, Standup Paddle Board Yoga, Detox to Retox, and sneaking into June 4th…. The Celebration of Longwave Yoga’s 1st birthday!!!


In Sanskrit there is a word, “Lila” (Lee-La) that cannot be precisely translated into English, but can roughly translate as the word “Play.” Philosophically Lila talks to the force of divine creative play, or the cosmos. In Yoga we often use the word Lila for a sense of play within our asana (posture) practice. This is a beautiful concept to remember if you feel that your practice has become stagnant, typical, or too serious to the point of losing joy and continued self-awareness.

The idea of working with Lila on the mat will help you to remember that your practice can be created and guided by the authentic heart energy and with that a lovely self acceptance. When we feel free, we allow our spirit to soar and we can find new awareness in such space.

So make a play date for yourself this spring and together let’s joyfully embrace “Lila.” See you on the mat with an extra skip in your step ☺


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