Here's a lip-smacking green Juice that even the leprechauns will ditch the chocolate coins for! Not only does our recipe of the month make for a festive selection but we recommend drinking a fresh juice EVERYDAY! As we transition out of a season with holidays and hot cocoas, where we might make less than optimal choices (it happens,) bringing fresh juice into our diet is a great way to show ourselves some love by infusing our body with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes! Revitalize and Spring into this new season with energy!

5 cups chopped organic kale
5 cups chopped organic spinach
½ bunch organic celery
1 organic cucumber with ends removed
1 organic lemon (or lime) with peel removed
1 small knob of fresh organic ginger root
1 medium organic green apple

*Yogi’s Choice*
½ bunch organic cilantro OR organic parsley

Want to give your juice a sweeter, citrus-like twist? Go for cilantro! Want a peppery kick? Try the parsley! While cilantro is heavier on anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, parsley is richer with Vitamin C, K, Iron and Folate…both are packed with antioxidants so you can’t go wrong!

1. Wash all vegetables thoroughly and place into a large bowl
2. Juice each vegetable in this order – kale, spinach, cilantro/parsley, celery, ginger, cucumber, lemon
3 .Stir mixture before serving and don’t forget to sip and swish slowly to get those digestive enzymes working!

Makes about two 16 oz. servings. Share with a friend who’s in a pinch - see what we did there?... or store additional serving in an airtight container for up to 12 hours (some live enzymes will be lost).


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