Bhakti Prem is a life-long yoga enthusiast with over 25 years of experience helping others to improve their quality of life through the teachings and practice of yoga. She has owned and operated a successful yoga center, trained many yoga teachers and offered a variety of yoga classes, workshops and individual sessions both in the US and abroad.

Bhakti understands that there are innumerable reasons for one to explore the practice of yoga, from exercise to stress reduction, to improved health, to self-realization and inner peace. Her thoughtful, down to earth classes are geared to address the various needs of those who are present, whether in a class, workshop or private session.

Delivering the timeless wisdom of Lakulish Yoga in her own unique, natural and direct style, Bhakti creates an atmosphere of mutual trust with others. She shares her knowledge and experience, with creativity, humor and compassion, to inspire and assist others on their yoga journey.

For Bhakti sharing the blessings of yoga is all about paying it forward! To give and spread the magic of yoga in a never-ending stream of light & love is her inspiration and her path.

Bhakti is currently not instructing any classes.